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How can the service life of a competition line be extended?

Posted by Marc Weibel on
Competition line made from durable materials
Swimming lines are inherently subject to very high levels of stress due to water treatment additives, temperature changes and mechanical influences. These cannot be completely eliminated during swimming, but a few tips and tricks can help to protect the plastic and individual parts such as the turnbuckle, rope or protective cover. 

The most important things at a glance:

  • Remove floating lines from the water promptly after use
  • Store correctly: Gentle reel trolleys reduce mechanical wear and tear
  • Choosing the right materials

Materials Metal parts

CNS steel cable and individual parts can easily withstand years of exposure to water without suffering. However, PP rope can stretch after a short time. Weibel only manufactures competition ropes with CNS parts. However, it is also worth buying a line with a steel cable.

Materials plastic parts

The material from which the floats and breakwaters of a line are made plays an important role. UV-stabilised raw material, for example, ensures that the plastic parts are not damaged by UV light during use. The decisive difference in terms of temperature resistance, toughness and density comes down to the right choice of raw materials and their quality.

When you buy a Weibel floating line, its service life is already optimised. With a little care in everyday swimming, nothing stands in the way of long use.