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Divisional line, CNS-rope, price per centimeter


Simply an original. With CNS-rope, choose your fastening technology.


- Side by side, 2 or 6 donuts / metre

- One side with turnbuckle

- Opposite side of your choice

- Colour combination red/white

- Covered with plastic tube

- made of UV-resistant material


If you need several demarcation lines, order directly from us:

Your benefits

HSB lane lines

exceed the standard. Instead of only one, your turnbuckle has two safety fixing pieces. Yanking out is inconceivable.

are an investment that pays for itself. The high-tech plastic is UV resistant, and the technology robust. A long service life is guaranteed.

make the pool attendant's job easier. No tools necessary for mounting and length adjustment. Practical use is assured.

can be delivered extremely fast, so you get your spare parts even faster. Improvisation is a thing of the past.